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Session Times

MONDAY1.00pmApprox 5:00pm
TUESDAY 9.00amApprox 12 middaySupervised Play - No partner required
 7.00pmApprox 10.00pmPlease contact Sandra 0427 863 000 to confirm there are sufficient numbers to play..
WEDNESDAY10.00amApprox 2:00pmPlease bring your own lunch (10/15 minute break)
 6.30pm8.30pm Beginners classes started in February 2024 - Come along even if you missed a couple of lessons its not too late, interested players are always welcome
THURSDAY7.00pmApprox 10:00pm
FRIDAY10.00am2pm approxPlease bring your own lunch - (10/15 minute break)
SATURDAY1.00pmApprox 5:00pmAfternoon tea break mid session if time permits
SUNDAY12.30pmApprox 4.00pmPlay for beginners/novices - fourth Sunday of the month if available. Check with Anne 0439 436 533 to confirm.

Players are requested to arrive 15 minutes before play commences to allow the Director to select the best movement.
Normal Session Fee is $5.00 for Members & $7.00 for visitors.
Smoking is not permitted in the Club rooms
Nationwide Pairs table fees are $6.00 for Members and $8.00 for Visitors